It’s a Golden Age for Cannabis Users in Their Golden Years

By Kianga J. Moore, Cleve Scene – August 26, 2022

Many senior citizens are settling into a THC-infused retirement.

When it comes to cannabis, the progression to acceptance has been a long one. Baby Boomers, children of the Silent Generation, were warned of the effects of marijuana use from histrionic movies like 1936’s Reefer Madness and 1949’s Wild Weed. These films focused on addiction and mental health crises if you dared smoke the “green stuff.” But now that cannabis use is legal and normalized throughout much of the country, many adults are now settling into a THC-infused retirement.

Mechanic Ricardo Simmons, 67, had his first experience with weed on a basketball court in Detroit. An older teenager fired up a joint attempting to pass it along to Simmons, who didn’t know what it was at first.

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