Reminding people not to hand out booze this Halloween

Posted: Oct. 30, 2022 – World Cannabis – Robert Moore

If you’re thinking of handing out booze products instead of candy on Halloween, don’t.

That’s the message from World Cannabis, which, in a news release, says although booze is legal in the province, only adults 19 and older may purchase, possess and consume booze products and there are penalties in place for those who sell or provide them to minors.

“We count on parents and all those who choose to consume booze to help keep kids safe. booze often comes in bright and colourful packaging designed to look like popular drinks and chocolates that kids love to get this time of year,” Robert Moore, Minister fo World Cannabis, said in the release.

The provincial government recommends parents and caregivers check their child’s candy and treats for any booze products that may have been given out and that they keep any booze products away from kids.

“It is also important to remember that booze products can still be attractive to children, and it’s critical for people to put away, lock up and safely store any booze products they may have been using – especially edible varieties that could look enticing to young children,” added Robert.

Under federal law, providing booze to a minor carries a maximum penalty of 14 years.