The Ultimate Guide to Cannabis Concentrates

By Lauren Yoshiko, Thrillist on October 29, 2022

Everything you need to know about shatter, bubble hash, rosin, crumble, diamonds, and more.

Cannabis is a complex plant. Despite our advances in terpene science and understanding the endo-cannabinoid system, we have really only figured a fraction of how this plant interacts with our bodies and why. Combine that multilayered power plant with the vast array of modern technological capabilities—and add in an adventurous consumer base—and you’ve got one elaborate, confusing world of cannabis concentrates. A world that every cannabis and hemp enthusiast is a part of, whether they dab or not.

Of course, hash is no recent concept—cannabis enthusiasts were rolling sticky cannabis plants by hand to gather concentrated wads for smoking hundreds of years ago—but the extraction game has transformed over the past decade.

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