5 Facts About Cannabis Vaporizers

By Salon Prive Magazine on November 4, 2022

Cannabis vaporizers go by many names, such as vapes, vape pens, weed pens, vaporinos, etc., and have existed for centuries. They surfaced many years ago, but many people are yet to know the full usage of vaporizers.

Because many do not know what they are, the myths associated with vaporizers keep spreading. These devices are used to inhale cannabis vapor, making them different from the traditional devices used in smoking, like bongs and pipes.

The traditional devices are used to inhale smoke from burning marijuana, while only vapor is inhaled in vaporizers. The hit from vaporizers is expected to activate within 15 minutes and can take 40 minutes to two hours for the effect to clear. The method is easy, discrete, and arguably healthier when matched with traditional consumption means.

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