Czech Republic Plans To Legalize Cannabis In Coordination With Germany

Dario Sabagh – Forbes – Nov 4 2022

The Czech Republic plans to legalize cannnabis by 2024. (Photo by Krystof Kriz/NurPhoto via Getty … [+]NURPHOTO VIA GETTY IMAGES

The Czech Republic is on the way to legalizing adult-use cannabis, and it aims to coordinate with Germany to share information and the best practices to regulate the legal industry.

Following Germany’s announcement to legalize cannabis, the Czech Republic has just started to embark on the journey toward cannabis legalization, aiming to harmonize its legislation with Berlin.

The Czech coalition government is drafting a bill to regulate the industry, which is expected to be presented in March 2023, while full legalization may be entered into effect by January 2024.

In September, the government commissioned drug commissioner Jindřich Vobořil to draft a law to legalize adult-use cannabis.

Vobořil announced that Czech officials are in contact with the German government to coordinate and consult each other over their proposals.

“We are in contact with our German colleagues, and we have repeatedly confirmed that we want to coordinate by consulting each other on our proposals,” he said in a Facebook post.

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