Why Breweries Are Moving Into the Cannabis-Infused Drinks Market

By Joshua M. Bernstein, Seven Fifty on November 7, 2022

As recreational cannabis laws change rapidly across the U.S., breweries are using their existing infrastructure and experience to create drinks with a different buzz.

The Boston Beer Company’s name undersells its boundless desire for beverage creation of all stripes. Jim Koch introduced Samuel Adams Boston Lager in 1984, and the company has since expanded to include Twisted Tea, Truly hard seltzer (and vodka), and Angry Orchard hard cider, not to mention its 2019 merger with Dogfish Head.

Taking a leap into a new imbibing frontier is another day at the office—which is where Paul Weaver, Boston Beer’s head of cannabis, comes in. “Cannabis legalization in America seems like it has some level of inevitability,” he says. “So then it was a question of, ‘What’s the right way to enter that space?’”

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