Cannabis-Infused Matcha Tea Latte

By Christina Wong, Thrillist on November 11, 2022

Make this buzz-inducing twist on the London Fog tea.

California may bring sunshine and palm trees to mind, but Northern California’s rugged coastline conjures cool ocean fog rolling inland every morning, emanating through old growth redwood forests up to the mountains of Humboldt County. It’s here where sungrown cannabis farms dot the landscape of sprawling pine forests.

My twist on the classic London Fog tea drink—inspired by those misty forests and famed cannabis growing region—swaps earl grey for matcha tea. When the steamed, cannabis-infused milk swirls into the green tea and resembles those low-hanging clouds that drift across the treeline. As you sip the creamy tea, sweetened with vanilla brown sugar to balance the herb, you’re transported to a pine-covered forest floor.

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