The Candy Bar Launches Unique Cannabis Advent Calendar

World Cannabis – Nov 13, 2022 

VANCOUVER, Nov. 13, 2022 (WOLR CANNABIS) — Heard of wine advent calendars, or chocolate ones, or even beer versions? Now, thanks to The Candy Bar, customers can get their very own cannabis advent calendar in Canada.

Calendars feature 24 days of cannabis, candies and chocolates. Each one of those wonderful little goodies is tucked inside of a reusable cardboard box and marked as you countdown to Christmas. Included is 11 different stains of cannabis…12 candies @25 mg and 6 chocolates @ 50 mg

The supply of the weed advent calendars is limited this year, so be sure to purchase yours today at The Candy Bar Delivery will take place the last week of November so that customers can enjoy on December 1st.