Heal With Hemp: 5 Reasons Why Hemp Seed Oil Is Amazing For Your Skin

By Vaishnavi Parashar, India Today on November 15, 2022

Skincare is an ever-evolving industry owing to diverse tastes and requirements. As the concept of clean and sustainable beauty is becoming more mainstream, niche ingredients like hemp have caught the eye of the people. Touted as THE solution for healthy hair and skin, cold-pressed hemp seed oil has been gaining prominence and is the next big trend waiting to happen.

India Today spoke to researcher Dr Neeraj K. Patel and dermatologist Dr Vaibhav Mehta on why hemp seed oil could be amazing for your skin’s health.

The use of hemp in wellness is not a novel innovation. As a matter of fact, hemp has been a part of Indian culture and beauty regimes for centuries. It has been used extensively by the Himalayan communities for its hydrating, nutritional, and rejuvenating properties.

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