The Holidays are Big for Cannabis — How Retailers can Succeed in ‘The Season of Green’

By Bryan Wassel, Retail Touch Points on November 23, 2022

The holiday season is just as important for cannabis as it is for other areas of retail, with Green Wednesday (the day before Thanksgiving), Black Friday and the leadup to Christmas all driving sales spikes in 2021, according to Surfside’s The Season of Green report. While cannabis may not jump out as a key holiday category as much as toys or electronics, the surge in sales still makes it an important time of the year.

“From a marketing perspective, why would you ignore the activity happening?” said Eric Meth, Chief Revenue Officer at Surfside in an interview with Retail TouchPoints. “You might as well ignore 4/20 if you’re going to ignore the holidays. This is when you’re capturing sales. It’s when you’re going to make or break your year. It’s when you’re going to be able to capture that mindshare.”

While cannabis is a unique business in many ways, it ultimately behaves a lot like more traditional retail categories, particularly consumer packaged goods, pharmacy and spirits, according to Meth. Cannabis retailers have their own ups and downs during the holiday season, but they learn a lot from following the marketing practices their mainstream counterparts have already honed through decades of experience.

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