Irish Parliament To Discuss New Amendment For Cannabis Possession

By Carolyn DeBarra, Volteface on November 24, 2022

A bill set to be introduced today aims to legalise cannabis possession for personal use in Ireland. The amendment will need to be approved by the Dáil, which means it needs to be voted in by other government parties and if it passes, it would update the current Misuse of Drugs Act.

The amendment would make it legal for people to possess up to 7 grammes of cannabis for personal use. Other European countries like Malta and Luxembourg have already passed similar legislation on cannabis possession. The amendment has been introduced by the People Before Profit TD Gino Kenny, who hopes that it will bring an end to prohibition in Ireland.

There has been criticism that the bill does not go far enough to address certain issues key issues like cultivation. However, Kenny believes it is necessary to start the conversation now to start Ireland on a path towards adopting harm reduction measures and taking control of cannabis off the illicit market, so additional points on issues like cultivation can be added at a later date.

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