Louis Armstrong Loved Cannabis And Didn’t Care Who Knew It, New Documentary Looks At Jazz Legend’s Life And Art

By Maureen Meehan, Benzinga on November 25, 2022

When Jazz legend and New Orleans native Louis Armstrong died in his sleep on July 6, 1971 in his Queens, NYC home, late CBS broadcaster Walter Cronkite said, “We aren’t saying goodbye to Louis tonight, because a man’s music does not die with him, certainly not this man’s.”

Fred Robbins, a disk jockey and long-time friend who delivered the principal eulogy at Armstrong’s funeral said, “Move over, Gabriel, here comes Satchmo.”

Sacha Jenkins’ new documentary “Black & Blues,” which is streaming on Apple TV Plus, looks at the life and art of Louis “Satchmo” Armstrong who is widely credited with helping to found jazz with his trumpet sound, unique singing voice and for popularizing scat singing.

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