Wareham cannabis company creates gummy aimed at helping people diet, workout


WAREHAM — When it comes to marijuana, people tend to think of “the munchies” and not exercise.

However, married couple and cannabis entrepreneurs Angela Brown and Brian Cusick said they are creating a gummy to give users an energy burst.

The pair co-founded the company “Coast Cannabis” and operate it in Wareham.

“When I was consuming it, I had a burst of energy,” said Brown. “I was going to the gym. I actually had a lot of success with getting on a workout plan. Losing a lot of weight and using this as my pre-workout energy.”

The edible contains the cannabinoid “THC-V” which works much differently than the active ingredient “THC” in most marijuana products.

“THC-V is non-psychoactive,” Brown pointed out. “So, it’s not going to give you that high, that body high.”

The gummy could provide results for those on a diet, according to Brown and Cusick.

“We are getting a lot of consumer feedback to validate that,” said Cusick. “We are currently the only manufacturer with a gummy product with THC-V in the state.”

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