You Won’t Be Able to Keep These Cannabis-Infused Pork Tamales to Yourself

By Christina Wong, Thrillist on December 8, 2022

Sarah Cielo shares her buzzy recipe and, crucially, the secret to creamy, smooth masa.

Six years ago, Sarah Cielo discovered the anti-anxiety benefits of cannabis, which has changed her life ever since. The chef found her true calling: taking traditional Mexican recipes passed down for generations and infusing them with cannabis.

Originally from Mexico, but now residing in Orange County, California, Cielo found a passion for cooking at a young age. She remembers grinding corn with her Mexican and Navajo great-grandmother to make masa. Christmas time is the season of tamaladas, or tamale-making parties, when friends and family gather to prepare the flavorful, steamed packages of corn, meat, and sauce—or whatever complimentary ingredients were on hand.

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