Professional Edibles Chef Shares Cannabis-Infused Dessert Recipes

By Westword on December 19, 2022

Around half of the country’s population lives in a state that has legalized recreational marijuana, so maybe it’s time we start reassessing our homemade edibles techniques.

Cannabis Confectionery Art, a cannabis cookbook from local edibles maker Krystina VanCleef, teaches readers how to make impressive edibles at home with the cannabis oils and distillate sold at dispensaries instead of homemade butter. Using these concentrates instead of older at-home methods doesn’t just result in more consistent highs, but tastier edibles, too, according to VanCleef.

A pastry chef in her past career, VanCleef now creates classic candies infused with THC through her edibles brand, Millie’s, but she’s always in the kitchen trying out new recipes. VanCleef even shared two recipes with us from Cannabis Confectionery Art as a window into her techniques, which she has detailed below.

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