10 Essential Smoking Tools for Concentrates

By Lauren Yoshiko, Thrillist on December 22, 2022

Torches, dab rigs, carb caps—if this lingo is dizzying to you, then you should read about how to make the most of your THC-potent concentrates.

Think of how it feels to exhale a puff of flower. (If you know, you know, but we’ll explain.) There’s the aroma lifting off the buds as you pack the bowl or roll up a joint. As you take a hit, there’s a little harshness from the cannabinoid-filled smoke, followed by the lingering flavors of the terpenes. Now, think of that flavor multiplied by five.

That is what it’s like to smoke concentrates—a truly potent expression of the cannabis plant that allows you to smell and feel the unique differences strain-to-strain. The secret to a successful sesh: you need a totally different set of tools to consume concentrates.

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