12 Latin Musicians Who’ve Spoken Up For Weed: ‘A Generation That Is Changing The Reality Of Cannabis’

By Javier Hasse, Forbes on January 2, 2023

As cannabis legalization continues to gain traction in Latin America and the rest of the world, and acceptance of the herb continues to increase, more and more artists are coming out of the proverbial closet in support of a plant that can be (and has been proven to be) medicine but has been criminalized for decades notwithstanding.

It might sound frivolous or insignificant to many, but it isn’t. Reshaping opinions, changing hearts and minds, requires a collective effort that celebrities can often propel. In prior articles, I’ve argued that the impact of the entertainment industry (CNBC) and celebrities in general (Rolling Stone) on the mainstreaming of weed is far greater than many believe it can be. It’s all about soft power.

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