Cannabis Regulatory Compliance Is Well Worth The Cost

By Lewis Koski, Forbes on January 3, 2023

Consumers interact with a seemingly limitless number of industries every day, from the corner store where they buy coffee on the way to work to the market where they buy groceries, and even the growing number of digital storefronts people use every day. Despite the wide range of services these industries offer and the different ways consumers use them, they all share a common priority: protecting the consumers they serve, whether that means upholding public health standards, safeguarding financial data, or something else entirely.

The cannabis industry is a prime example of this.

While in many ways it still feels like an entirely new frontier, widespread legalization in the United States began more than a full decade ago. In the time since, it has evolved into one of the fastest growing and most robust industries in the United States, generating billions of dollars in sales each year.

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