Cannabis Lounges Could Be the Next Big Hotel Perk

By Dustin Nelson, Thrillist on January 10, 2023

The Patterson Inn plans to open a cannabis consumption lounge in its Denver bed and breakfast.

Chris Chiari stood in front of 420 E 11th Avenue in Denver 12 years ago having just sold his home in Florida. The building there looked like a castle, he says. It was on the market. “I pointed up to the house,” he says, “and I said, ‘I want to turn you into a marijuana bed and breakfast.’” But the weed-friendly address wasn’t destined to be his quite yet.

In 2018, it went up for sale again. This time, the recreational use of cannabis was legalized in Colorado years earlier, he bought it, opening The Patterson Inn as a nine-room bed and breakfast. Now, he plans to open what his company says is the nation’s first weed consumption lounge inside a hotel.

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