Weed Moms Are Changing The Narrative Around Cannabis

By Meg St-Esprit, Romper on January 14, 2023

It’s a typical Instagram reel: Overwhelming kids, raucous noise. It’s been a long day. A mom locks herself in the bathroom as The Spice Girls sing in the background, “I’ve given you everything…” And this mom has given everything — her kids have worn her down. But instead of sneaking a bottle of chardonnay out of the linen closet, this frazzled mom lights up a bong.

Melissa Ludwig, an influencer and mom of two in Pennsylvania, is open about her struggle with alcohol, her ADHD diagnosis, and how cannabis is helping her live her best life. Battling residual pain after a car crash, she hasn’t used narcotics or alcohol — instead, she has turned to medical marijuana to ease her pain and anxiety. “Alcohol makes me a sh*tty-ass human,” she says. “Cannabis makes a better, more controlled, centered, and less pain-riddled me.”

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