Person calling 911 gets busted for five trash bags of weed

Dumpster weed worth $402,000 was discovered by the police

Vancouver Sun – Angela Stelmakowich – Jan 17, 2023 

A man who was none-too-thrilled that two others in his car were packing pot called 911 and later hung up, resulting in police responding to the location and finding 38 kilograms of illegal cannabis.

According to WTAJ, state police say two of the men appeared to be trying to hide the booty behind a dumpster at a Marathon gas station in Breezewood, Penn. on Jan. 13 when they got nabbed.

Both aged 29, the two men were said to be standing near duffle bags in the parking lot when the police arrived.

Reportedly providing troopers with a green light to search the bags, the officers say they discovered cannabis in vacuum-sealed bags, although the amount was not specified, as well as five trash bags hidden behind a dumpster. The latter contained just shy of 38 kg of cannabis with an estimated street value of US$300,000 ($402,000).

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