New Las Vegas Hotel For Cannabis Lovers Joins World’s Largest Dispensary

By Larry Olmsted, Forbes on January 17, 2023

Elevations Hotels and Resorts has the notion of getting high built into its name, and in big travel news, the Arizona-based group is bringing it unique form of hospitality to Las Vegas this spring. The company describes its brand ethos as “focused on creating modern, contemporary and intimate experiences. Daringly designed, yet incredibly down to earth, each destination sets out to inspire a travelers inner adventurer spirit through enticing dining offerings, technology-centric amenities, cannabis-inclusive atmospheres, and a lifestyle-driven membership offering access to perks, events, community, and more.”

To date, the company’s small portfolio includes some lower profile properties throughout the Southwest including a Motel 6 in Tucson, a few Best Westerns, a few Greentree Inns, and most notably, the historic Clarendon Hotel & Spa in Phoenix, which claims to be Arionna’s first cannabis-friendly hotel.

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