The Failure of the War on Drugs: Lancashire Police Shut Down 70 Cannabis Farms Worth £2m

World Cannabis – Robert Moore – Jan 22 2034

A recent article by the BBC reported on Lancashire Police shutting down 70 cannabis farms worth £2m and jailing 28 men for their involvement in the multi-million-pound drugs ring. While this may seem like a victory for law enforcement, it is important to remember that the war on drugs and criminalization of cannabis is a waste of valuable police resources.

It is a well-known fact that the war on drugs has been a failure, with the majority of resources being spent on enforcing cannabis possession laws, while real and dangerous crimes are ignored. The resources spent on these 70 cannabis farms and the arrest of 28 individuals could have been better spent on tackling serious crimes and protecting the community.

Furthermore, the criminalization of cannabis has led to the creation of a black market that exploits vulnerable members of society and funds organized crime. If cannabis were to be legalized and regulated, it would take the power and profits away from these criminal organizations and redirect them towards more important issues such as education, healthcare, and public safety.

This article is a reminder that it is time for the government to recognize the failure of the war on drugs and the criminalization of cannabis. It is time for the government to redirect resources towards more important issues and to take action towards cannabis legalization and regulation.