Coloradans Can Now Buy Weed Straight From A Vending Machine, Even Gov. Jared Polis Is Excited

By Nina Zdinjak, Benzinga on February 14, 2023

Aurora, Colorado residents can now buy cannabis from a vending machine proving they are at least 21 years old.

Terrapin Care Station dispensary in the city is the first to offer this new way of purchasing marijuana products — via an Automated Cannabis Experience (ACE). This large machine was developed by Terrapin Care Station in partnership with vending machine company BMC Universal Technologies calling it the first fully automated cannabis kiosk on the market, writes The Denver Post.

Those who are interested to try this new pot shopping experience can try it out only at 1091 E. Mississippi Ave. in Aurora, at the moment. Upon their arrival, customers need to show an ID that proves they are 21 years or older to a dispensary employee to enter. Upon entering they can buy weed products without budtenders’ assistance.

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