The Top Three Decisions Of Successful Cannabis Start-Ups

By Andrew DeAngelo, Forbes on February 15, 2023

The cannabis start-up is a place where dreams are born. A place where exuberance pulses through the bloodstream, fueling visions of world domination. It’s a place where the new and the old, the novice and the experienced, the tried and the true have all taken their shot. And most of them have failed. Many others are waiting for the right moment when they come off the sidelines and show the rest how it’s done. Many equate cannabis to a “gold rush” for all these reasons and more. Not the least of which is the notion that this emerging industry is a lot of fun to be in. The parties are sensational. What’s not to love?

The problem lies in this funny thing called reality. It has a way of biting you in the you know what. When the money runs out, and the litigation begins, all that exuberance becomes something much different. It becomes a nightmare. As a strategic advisor to the cannabis industry, my job is to make sure this does not happen to you. Get these three vital decisions right and you will be closer to world domination than to being sued.

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