When You’re As Baked As Your Dessert: THC-Infused Cupcakes, Macarons And Full-On Meals Are The New High Points Of Dining Out

By Jamie Davis Smith, Yahoo News on February 16, 2023

What’s it like to eat at a restaurant with a cannabis-infused menu? ‘Because everyone was high, it made connecting much easier,’ says one diner.

It wasn’t all that long ago that law-abiding citizens couldn’t imagine openly consuming marijuana without fear of arrest. But, thanks to a wave of states legalizing cannabis, it’s now possible to use the drug publicly in many parts of the country. These new developments leave many weed enthusiasts asking if new cannabis laws will change whether or not THC is used at restaurants and bars.

Gone are the days when cannabis aficionados spent their time smoking in musty basements: In some states, cannabis can be consumed as freely as alcohol in restaurants. In others, it’s legal to host private parties where cannabis is served. Often, this public consumption involves the use of infused food and drinks.

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