Woody Harrelson On Work And Weed

By Ben Mankiewicz, CBC News on February 26, 2023

It likely doesn’t come as a surprise that Woody Harrelson is a weed fan. At The Woods, the cannabis dispensary he co-owns in West Hollywood, his dream has come true – a lush and welcoming space complete with a koi pond and macaws. “It’s just a little dream of what a great dispensary could be,” he said.

It is not a place young Woody Harrelson, raised by his mother in a deeply-religious Presbyterian household in rural Ohio, ever expected to be, let alone own. To hear him describe his mother, “She’d be sitting there, she’d have her coffee and cigarette and everything in the morning, you know. And she’d be like, ‘Son, if I ever hear that you’re smoking marijuana … it’ll just kill me!’”

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