Why Eating Cannabis Edibles Feels So Different From Smoking Weed, According To Experts

By Troy Farah, The Salon on March 4, 2023

Nightmare trips are much more common when eating edibles. There’s a bizarre scientific explanation why that is.

Ask anyone who’s experimented with ingesting cannabis edibles, and you’re apt to hear at least one uncomfortable story involving them. Mary, a retired nurse from Oregon, said she once went to a party, ate too many marijuana brownies and woke up under the coffee table hours later.

“I barely knew the people, and was very confused when their dog started licking my face,” Mary told Salon. She also relayed another uncomfortable incident when she took 100mg of THC capsules on an airplane. THC is the active drug in marijuana that makes people feel stoned. “I went to the bathroom and got lost and had to have the flight attendant help me find my seat. I was too high to be embarrassed,” she recalls.

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