These Are The Five Best-Paying Job Roles In Cannabis

By Benjamin Adams, Forbes on March 14, 2023

The hunt to find stable, white-collar job roles in cannabis is becoming more achievable as the industry continues to mature. While nearly every industry is impacted by economic uncertainty and job loss to AI, few are as indestructable as cannabis.

The team behind WEEDAR, a loyalty and distribution platform for cannabis brands, set out to find out which jobs in the cannabis industry are well-paid, high in-demand, and don’t require specialized skills.

To do this, they examined 2,000 vacancies on LinkedIn to find five best-paying white-collar jobs in the cannabis industry, with salaries paying up to $115,000. That means that the data in the report is based on the current job pool, not estimates. Managerial and sales experience appears to translate to higher pay, in many instances.

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