Victoria Cannabis Buyers Club Raided by Government Agency: Fighting Back Against Cannabis Prohibition

World Cannabis – Robert Moore – March 24, 2023

Hey there, fellow cannabis enthusiasts! I’ve got some unfortunate news to share. On Thursday morning, a crew from the Ministry of Public Safety and Solicitor General’s Community Safety Unit raided the Victoria Cannabis Buyers Club and took virtually their entire stock. The club’s founder, Ted Smith, estimates that between $80,000 and $100,000 worth of products were seized.

This enforcement action is being carried out under the Cannabis Control and Licensing Act, which focuses on cracking down on the illegal production and sale of cannabis. The Ministry has been going after unlicensed cannabis producers and retailers all over the province, and unfortunately, the Victoria Cannabis Buyers Club was caught up in their sweep.

To make matters worse, this wasn’t the first time the club has been targeted. Smith and the club’s society were fined a total of $6.5 million in February 2022 for selling marijuana illegally at their previous location on Johnson Street. The fine is currently under appeal, but it’s clear that the Ministry is determined to shut down the club.

The Victoria Cannabis Buyers Club is Canada’s oldest “compassion club” and has been openly selling cannabis products since 1996. They provide high-quality, locally-sourced products and offer valuable advice to their customers, who rely on their medicine for a range of conditions from cancer to chronic pain to epilepsy, arthritis, and diabetes.

It’s frustrating that the government seems so intent on shutting down these types of dispensaries, especially when they offer such an important service to the community. But as cannabis enthusiasts, we know that this is just a bump in the road. We’ll keep fighting for our rights and pushing for a more reasonable approach to cannabis laws. Stay strong, my friends!