The Best 4/20 Events in San Diego

By Jackie Bryant, San Diego Magazine on April 7, 2023

This year’s events include plenty of food, flash tattoos, DJ sets, fairy activations, and one of the best cannabis cups in California.

Ahh, ‘tis the season! No, not that holiday season, but rather the greener, smellier one for weed smokers affectionately known as 4/20. In years past, events have been either more hush-hush, owing to the quirks of legalization, or nonexistent, thanks to Covid.

Judging by the sample here, people are out and about in full force once again, and the quality of the gatherings reflects that. This year’s 4/20 events around San Diego include lots of food (naturally), flash tattoos, live music and DJ sets, fairy activations, conservation-themed camping weekends, infused dinners with a sound bath dessert, and one of the best cannabis cups in California.

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