Everything You Need to Know About Tennessee’s Cannabis Laws

By Chris Chamberlain, Thrillist on April 13, 2023

Here’s the skinny on legal weed in Tennessee.

Walking around downtown Nashville on a weekend night, you’ll almost certainly detect an aroma that wasn’t as prevalent in the neighborhood a decade ago. It’s sort of like someone is burning a rope, or perhaps as if a family of skunks just left the room. You know what it is: It’s cannabis, and it’s become a regular part of the Lower Broad scene.

Until Metro recently clamped down on sidewalk vendors in the urban core, they’d set up shoulder-to-shoulder selling gummies, flowers, loose joints, and vape cartridges to tourists looking for a buzz. However, the cannabis situation is more complicated than you might think—and Tennessee is a far cry from Colorado. Here’s the skinny on marijuana laws in Nashville and the state of Tennessee.

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