Sunset Beach 420 Event: Parks Board’s Mishandling Causes Disappointment and Safety Concerns

World Cannabis – Robert Moore – April 21 2023

This year’s 420 event at Sunset Beach was the largest and most amazing one yet, with over 300 vendors and local artists. However, the Parks Board’s handling of the event has caused a lot of disappointment and inconvenience among attendees, especially the disabled.

The Parks Board had promised to provide 20 toilets, including a handicap bathroom, for the event. However, they only delivered 10 toilets, with five each at the lower parking lot and on the hill. This caused a major inconvenience for the disabled attendees who needed a designated handicap bathroom, but were not provided with one. This is a clear violation of their promise to provide adequate facilities for all attendees.

Furthermore, the Parks Board’s mishandling of the event’s cleanup has caused a great deal of frustration among attendees. Despite the fact that the Parks Board was aware that attendees would return the next day to clean up, they cleaned up the entire area before they arrived. This was a major setback for those who had dedicated their time to cleaning up after the event.

Moreover, the Parks Board’s behavior has caused a safety concern. The placement of the toilets on the hill caused a muddy area, which led to an elderly man slipping and nearly injuring himself. This could have been a severe incident, and it is unacceptable that the Parks Board did not consider the safety of attendees when placing the toilets.

Additionally, it has come to our attention that the Park Board’s mishandling of the event also extended to the park grounds themselves. Pictures have surfaced on social media showing the damage caused by park-goers who participated in sports activities during the event. Vehicles were seen driving all over the grass, leaving deep tire tracks and damaging the turf. This irresponsible behavior not only damages the aesthetics of the park but also causes long-term harm to the ecosystem. The Parks Board must take responsibility for allowing this behavior to occur and work towards repairing the damages caused. We urge the Parks Board to be more vigilant in enforcing rules and regulations to ensure that the park remains a safe and healthy environment for all.

It is clear that the Parks Board has been reckless in their behavior towards the 420 event at Sunset Beach. They have not fulfilled their promises and have caused a lot of inconvenience and safety concerns for attendees. It is important to expose the Parks Board’s actions and hold them accountable for their negligence. With a copy of the email stating that they would provide 20 toilets, including a handicap bathroom, there is solid evidence to support this claim. We urge the Parks Board to take responsibility for their actions and make necessary improvements to ensure that future events at Sunset Beach are handled with the care and attention they deserve.

Please call the Vancouver Parks Board to let them know how you are disappointed in them at +1(604)873-700

Thanks Robert Moore