‘Growing Belushi’ Co-Star On Cannabis Biz, Legalization And Growing Weed

By Iris Dorbian, Forbes on May 9, 2023

Since its 2020 debut on the Discovery Channel, Growing Belushi, a reality TV show starring performer Jim Belushi and his cannabis farm in Southern Oregon, has become a popular mainstay. Currently, in its third season, the show features a cast that also includes Belushi’s cousin Chris Karakosta, who works as a general manager on Belushi’s Farm. A former Florida restaurant chain entrepreneur, Karakosta fell into his current spot while visiting his famous relative’s farm. There he quickly became smitten with the healing power of cannabis and the industry’s numerous opportunities.

When not parlaying his business savvy and experience to Belushi’s Farm, Karakosta has become a fan favorite with TV viewers due to his sparring with his cousin. Recently, Karakosta took a break from his jampacked schedule to talk about his daily routine at the farm, his thoughts on federal legalization and his advice to aspiring growers.

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