This Is What a Medicinal Cannabis Farm Looks Like on Harvest Day

By Alexandra Theis, Vice on May 11, 2023

What struck me most was the staff’s dedication – they treated the plants as if they were puppies.

Iwork for VICE Germany and yet I have absolutely no clue about weed. My editorial team have published over 600 articles about it, and I’ve taken maybe two puffs from a joint my whole life. How do I fit in? I don’t. Weed was never a drug that fascinated me. In fact, it kind of repelled me. I saw stoners as people who talk slowly and live their lives on stained sofas – at least, that’s what I learned from pop culture and politicians.

But times are changing. The German government is moving to legalise cannabis for recreational use. Despite a few setbacks, a law proposal is on the way. Legalising weed would change many things in the country.

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