How Black Farmers Are Making Inroads Into The Cannabis Industry

By Chanelle Chandler, Yahoo News on May 16, 2023

Black farmers are looking to the “budding” cannabis industry in the U.S. to spur generational wealth in the Black community after decades of grappling with the hardships of being locked out of the agricultural industry and land ownership, while being on the receiving end of the detrimental effects of cannabis being classified as a drug.

“This is a plant that has been tied to the very fabric of not only the nation, but to Black America as a whole,” Jason Brooks, co-owner of Green Toad Hemp Farm, Georgia’s first Black-owned hemp farm, told Yahoo News. “As a second-generation farmer, I’m so proud to be a part of growing this plant that so many of our people have been incarcerated behind. Now we get to do it in a legal way.”

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