Carlos Santana Talks Cannabis, Music And Life: ‘Self-Discovery Is Spirit; Self-Deception Is Greed And Stupid Values’

By Javier Hasse, Forbes on May 19, 2023

Carlos Santana, legendary musician and spiritual luminary, has fostered a profound relationship with cannabis, a bond that was sowed during his childhood in Mexico and has flourished over time. “I was around it since I was a child,” Santana reminisces, “But I never really entered the room with it until 1963 or 1964, right before the birth of a consciousness revolution…the era of The Beatles, Jimi Hendrix, The Grateful Dead…”

The ‘Muscle of Imagination’
Santana’s relationship with cannabis transcends personal use, serving as a conduit for his spiritual and creative exploration. He perceives cannabis as more than a substance; it’s a catalyst. “Cannabis stimulates a muscle. It is called imagination. It helps you see clearly what others don’t see, which is… I call it Future Pull,” Santana elucidates.

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