National Hemp Grow-Off: The Ultimate Test For Cannabis Cultivation Skills

By Javier Hasse, Benzinga on May 23, 2023

In the kaleidoscopic world of cannabis, a breakthrough event is brewing. Birthed from a simple concept back in 2016, The Grow-Off has distinguished itself as the first and foremost science-based cannabis competition. With its novel approach to weed warfare, the event has turned the leaf on traditional cannabis contests.

The rules of The Grow-Off are revolutionary. All participants begin with identical genetics, starting off on an even playing field. It’s not about what you grow but how you grow it. The competition is not about the latest and greatest strain, but rather about the skill and talent of the growers. Lab testing replaces biased judges, with the winners determined by the highest cannabinoid and terpene content. The grand prizes? The illustrious Grow-Off Championship wrestling belt for Total Terpenes and Total Cannabinoids.

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