Can Cannabis Improve Your Sex Life? Why Some People Claim It ‘Accentuates Every Bit Of Feeling And Touch.’

By Kaitlin Reilly on May 31, 2023

Cannabis use has a surprising number of benefits, including stress relief and pain management. But there may be another potential upside to using cannabis products that is, thus far, little discussed: improving a person’s sex life.

Not much research has been done in the field, but a 2023 study published in the Journal of Cannabis Research examined the perceived influence of cannabis on sexual functioning and satisfaction. Amanda Moser, one of the study’s authors and a research compliance coordinator at the University of Denver, tells Yahoo Life, “The influence cannabis has on sex has not been widely researched — this is a main reason why I decided to conduct a nationwide study on its effects on sexual functioning and satisfaction. Anecdotally, there have been many personal accounts of cannabis enhancing sex, without the scientific evidence to back it up.”