One Of America’s Richest Self-Made Women Quit Her Job To Cook Edibles—Now Her Net Worth Is $225 Million

By Megan Sauer, CNBC News on June 10, 2023

Recreational cannabis was still illegal when Nancy Whiteman left her high-paying consulting job to cook edibles in Boulder, Colorado, in 2010.

Four years later, the state legalized retail sales of marijuana, and Whiteman’s gamble paid off. The 64-year-old founder of edible cannabis company Wana is now one of the richest self-made women in the U.S., with a net worth of $225 million, according to Forbes.

“I like to say I went from the most traditional industry to the least traditional industry,” Whiteman told CNBC Make It in 2018. “I wanted a business where I could build value, and it didn’t depend on me. I also love to cook.”

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