Exploring Long Island’s Indigenous Roots And Futures In Cannabis

By Janet Burns, Forbes on June 18, 2023

Our last installment left off in the island’s East End, where European colonists who grew hemp for sails and rigging left their mark behind with the name ‘Hamptons.’

For this installment, we return to Eastern Long Island and Southampton, where members of the Shinnecock Nation will soon open the first medical- and adult-use dispensary in New York State, Little Beach Harvest, on Shinnecock tribal land (where, incidentally, the tribe also previously spent years working to develop a casino, only to have other parties swoop into the region recently to steal their playbook, says Patch).

In late January, Little Beach Harvest Managing Director Chenae Bullock spoke about her background in cannabis, how construction is going, the history and modernity of jurisdictional law, and what she’d like to see in this industry going forward. Ms. Bullock’s comments have been lightly edited for length and clarity.

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