Weed-GPT: A New AI Platform Helps Cannabis Consumers Learn ‘What’s Right For Me?’

By Joan Oleck, Forbes on June 24, 2023

From self-driving cars to virtual booking agents to a newly resurrected Beatles song, artificial intelligence is all the rage, and developing fast. No surprise, then, that the booming world of legal cannabis has embraced this new technology, as well.

At last count, a company called Sorting Robotics was producing customized pre-rolls using, yes, an AI robot. Oddysee was perfecting the technology to take on 70 percent of the complex work required for cannabis licensing. Predictmedix was developing a program to test drivers’ cannabis-caused impairment. cannabis-caused impairment; And Bloom Automation Inc. had released a suite of algorithms to visually analyze cannabis flowers for faster, more accurate machine trimming.

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