The Buildings Constructed From Cannabis

By Francesca Perry, BBC News on July 8, 2023

In search of sustainable materials, architects are turning to an unusual source: hemp.

Surrounded by verdant fields, Flat House, which sits on a farm in Cambridgeshire, the UK, looks like a typical barn conversion. But inside, the look and feel of the building immediately make you realise this is something quite different. “The walls remind me of hay bale dens we used to make as kids,” says Flat House’s owner Gemma Barron. “It has the most lovely acoustic quality. And last year we had the heating off for 24 hours in mid-winter and it stayed warm.”

What makes this bright, airy and comfortable home unusual is the material used to build it: hemp. While we may be more familiar with the cannabis plant’s association with the psychoactive substance cannabis, and its use in health supplements and textiles, hemp is rapidly becoming a sought-after sustainable construction material.

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