To Ladies Of ‘A Certain Age’: This Canna-Tourist Idea Is Just For You

By Joan Oleck, Forbes on July 17, 2023

When Holly Teegarden, 49, went looking for an “older” women’s cannabis retreat a year or two back, she found … bupkis.

The bevy of such retreats already dotting the West Coast as, well as one Teegarden discovered in the Eastern half of the U.S. — DankGirls, based in Michigan – skewed (and still do) towards twentysomethings and toward, in Teegarden’s view, “getting lit.”

As a former digital marketer, Teegarden spotted opportunity. She’s a cannabis entrepreneur who’s founded a dispensary, Moodporium, in her home base of Pittsburgh, and Cannamood Apparel. As she said in a recent phone interview, she saw an opening, age-wise. She wanted to tell existing retreat founders: “You’re missing out on a whole segment of audience that uses cannabis, or the ‘cannacurious.’”

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