How Long Do Cannabis Edibles Really Last In Your System?

World Cannabis – Robert Moore – Sep 18 2023

If you’ve ever had too much of those special cannabis-infused treats, you know that eating weed is quite different from smoking it. When you eat cannabis, it can make you feel really high, but it takes a bit longer to start, and that feeling can last much longer than when you smoke it. This happens because the THC in edibles goes into your body through your stomach, not your lungs like when you smoke it. It has to go through some changes in your body before it reaches your brain.

Here’s how it works: When you smoke cannabis, the THC goes straight into your blood from your lungs and quickly gets to your brain, usually within about 15 minutes. But the THC in your blood doesn’t last very long, and the high goes away in a few hours.

Now, when you eat cannabis in things like gummy candies, lollipops, cookies, or brownies, it can be stronger and last longer. Eating is also better for your lungs than smoking.

When you eat cannabis, the THC goes into your blood through your stomach and goes to your liver. Your liver changes it into something called 11-hydroxy-tetrahydrocannabinol (11-OH-THC). This 11-OH-THC is better at getting into your brain, so it makes the high stronger and last longer than smoking.

How long the effects of edibles last can be different for everyone. It depends on things like how fast your body works, your age, and if you ate before having edibles. If your stomach is empty, the cannabis can affect you faster than if you just ate a big meal.

Usually, it takes around 30 to 90 minutes for edibles to start working. But sometimes, it can take more than two hours, so it’s essential to be patient. People often say, “Start low and go slow,” which means it’s better not to eat too much at once and wait to see how it makes you feel before having more.

The effects of edibles can be the strongest after two to four hours, and they can last for six to eight hours. But this can be different depending on how much you had and how used to cannabis you are. Some people who eat edibles a lot might feel normal again after about four hours, while people new to edibles could feel high for over 12 hours.

Even after the high is gone, some parts of cannabis can stay in your body for a while. This can be anywhere from three to 12 days, depending on how much you ate and how quickly your body gets rid of it. So, be careful and take it slow when you have cannabis edibles!