Title: “California Contemplates Legalizing Cannabis Cafes with AB-374”

World Cannabis – Robert Moore – Sept 18 2023

California is on the verge of potentially revolutionizing its cannabis industry by legalizing cannabis cafes. AB-374, a groundbreaking bill, has recently been passed with wide-ranging bipartisan support and is now awaiting Governor Gavin Newsom’s signature to become law. If signed, this legislation would pave the way for cannabis lounges to sell food and drinks without the inclusion of marijuana, transforming the cannabis experience in the state.

Expanding the Cannabis Lounge Experience:

Presently, it’s unlawful for cannabis smoke lounges to offer non-infused food and beverages. AB-374 seeks to change this by permitting local jurisdictions to license cannabis cafes similar to those found in Amsterdam, where patrons can enjoy a social and inclusive environment. The owner of Dixon Wellness Collective, Haley Andrew, views this as a positive development, stating that it would create a more welcoming and lounge-like atmosphere for consumers.

Boosting Business and Industry Growth:

One significant advantage of legalizing cannabis cafes with food and drinks is the potential for increased revenue and business growth. Allowing patrons to enjoy a wider range of amenities would entice them to stay longer, thus providing more opportunities for dispensaries to promote their products and services. This could be a lifeline for smaller dispensaries struggling with high tax rates and limited banking options.

Assemblymember Matt Haney, the bill’s author, believes that this move can help reverse some of the damage inflicted on California’s cannabis industry. By providing an enjoyable and safe social experience for consumers, the state can harness the full potential of its legal cannabis market.

A New Social Experience:

If AB-374 becomes law, California could see a transformation in the way people consume cannabis. The vision is for cannabis cafes to offer more than just cannabis products. They could provide an atmosphere akin to the famous “cannabis cafes” in the Netherlands, featuring not only marijuana but also coffee, food, and even live music. This social experience aims to draw in a diverse crowd and further boost the local economy.

Concerns and Opposition:

While AB-374 has garnered support, it is not without opposition. Groups like the American Non-Smokers Rights Foundation have expressed concerns that this legislation might undermine smoke-free protections. Striking a balance between allowing cannabis consumption in social settings and preserving non-smokers’ rights will likely be an ongoing challenge.


California stands at the threshold of a potential game-changer in its cannabis industry. The legalization of cannabis cafes with non-infused food and drinks through AB-374 could provide a significant boost to the state’s legal cannabis market, create jobs, and offer consumers a unique social experience. As the bill awaits Governor Newsom’s signature, all eyes are on California to see if it will pioneer this innovative approach to cannabis consumption.