Introduction To “The Other One” – Hemp Is Cannabis

By Robert Hoban, Forbes on November 24, 2023

This is the first part of a five-part series concerning the modern-day industrial hemp industry. For many years, we’ve seen much confusion, much discussion, and certainly much controversy surrounding the industrial hemp industry. There seems to be a divide between the two distinct sectors of the cannabis industry – hemp, on the one hand, and marijuana, on the other.

This series will provide facts and history, while bringing deep experience and know-how about today’s hemp industry. It’s important to note that relevant nomenclature has failed us. Labels have exacerbated the problems because the “marijuana” industry has often been referred to as the “cannabis” industry, due to a variety of prejudicial reasons. Though well-intentioned, the labels have reinforced a divide between the two cannabis sectors. Both are commercialized, legitimate, and need to be understood separately.

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