Brittney Griner: US Basketball Star Jailed For Nine Years On Drug Charges

By BBC News – August 4, 2022

A Russian court has sentenced US basketball star Brittney Griner to nine years in prison on drug charges.

As Griner, 31, was being led out of the courtroom in handcuffs, she was heard saying: “I love my family.”

The double Olympic winner has admitted possessing cannabis oil, but told the court she had made an “honest mistake”.

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1 Comment on “Brittney Griner: US Basketball Star Jailed For Nine Years On Drug Charges

  1. Every time i see her on my screen i get a perpetual impression the titles keep remaining vague about what her “crime” actually was, not to mention UN’s (League of Nations…) “War-on-Drugs” or the “Drug-Free World” utopia consistently fueled bigot PROHIBITIONISM, since many decades ago, relentlessly perpetuating the same reality distortions, etc.

    1st of all, what sort of “medical” was it, and don’t tell me we don’t know ’cause if she was a “dealer” then, obviously, considering her special visibility on another continent as a consumer i’d expect of such dealer to be in a position to inform me of that cannabis is all about. I happen to reside in a sacrificed province where people are submitted to some “State Monopoly”, while Québekers clearly had no sub-cultural background in “dispensaries” compared to the rest of Canada. The only one we had was in Montréal and that’s plain denying half of the provincial population; the other in Québec city had just been closed down when i moved there, in Limoilou. The few places we ever had were called “compassion centers” anyway, so that means a systematic vilification of cannabis by associating it constantly with sick people, while deadly-armed police managed with the rest. Oh, and now this government that raise the “legal” ago to 21 years old has generously voted money for “mental health”, so guess who’s in place for when the rain starts falling? …

    M’well, back to the topic. judging from that distorted “legal” background i’ve observed our SQdC stores have only THREE (3) main genetic selections to offer, with abysmal voids in between the group boundaries between THC-centric, so-called “balanced” (1:1) and Full-CBD. Because that’s crucial in understanding the nature of that person’s offence in a different legislature, imagine a champion of human rights & democracy like Russia, euh… aHummm!

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