Afroman is Running for President and Promises to Legalize Cannabis if Elected

World Cannabis – Robert Moore – Dec 27, 2022

Afroman, the rapper known for his hit song “Because I Got High,” has announced that he is running for president in the United States. In his campaign platform, Afroman promises to legalize marijuana if elected.

The musician, whose real name is Joseph Foreman, made the announcement on social media, stating that he will be running as a member of the Legalize Marijuana Party. In his post, Afroman cited the numerous benefits of marijuana legalization, including the potential for economic growth and criminal justice reform.

Afroman is no stranger to the issue of marijuana legalization. In addition to being a vocal advocate for the cause, he has also been open about his own personal experiences with marijuana and its medicinal benefits.

While Afroman’s campaign may be seen as a novelty by some, the rapper insists that he is serious about his bid for the presidency and the issues he plans to address. “I may not be a traditional candidate, but I believe that I have a unique perspective and set of skills that can make a difference in the White House,” Afroman said in his social media announcement.

If elected, Afroman would be the first president to have openly supported marijuana legalization. While the prospects of his campaign may be uncertain, it is clear that Afroman is committed to bringing attention to the issue of marijuana legalization and the potential positive impact it could have on the country