Canadian cannabis industry struggling amid oversupply challenges: Experts

World Cannabis- Robert Moore – Jan 13 2013

As a cannabis activist and industry insider, I can attest that the struggles currently facing the Canadian cannabis industry are a result of government mismanagement and a lack of foresight. The oversupply of cannabis in the market is not a problem of the industry, but rather a failure on the part of regulators to properly anticipate and manage demand.

Furthermore, the strict regulations and high taxes imposed on cannabis companies have stifled the growth and innovation of the industry. These factors, combined with the ongoing issues of illegal dispensaries and the black market, have created a challenging environment for legal cannabis companies to operate in.

It is crucial for the government to take immediate action to address these issues and create a fair and regulated market for cannabis. This includes reevaluating taxes and regulations, as well as investing in the education and safety of consumers.

The cannabis industry has the potential to provide numerous benefits for the economy, medicine and society, but this potential can only be fully realized with proper government support and intervention. It’s time for the government to step up and create a thriving legal cannabis market that benefits everyone.